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Frequently Asked Questions about Liam

  1. What on earth does Othemts mean?
  2. How do you pronounce your name?
  3. Is that just short for William?
  4. So, are you Irish then?
  5. Will Susan take your name when you are married?
  1. It comes from a nickname I earned in college, "Liam of the Mountains." To make it look more like a surname, I shortened it to "O'themts." The apostrophe was dropped when I started using it as a handle for online activities.
  2. Phonetically it's [li:-əm]. If you don't understand phonetics, think of it as li-yum - "li" as in Bruce Li followed by "yum" as in "yum, that's tasty!" Some Irish people say I pronounce my name incorrectly.
  3. No, although William is the English translation of my name. Liam is a short form of the archaic Celtic name Uilliam. Both William and Uilliam find their root in the Germanic name Wilhelm. Etymylogically the name originates from a type of helmet and has come to mean "resolute defender."
  4. No, I'm American born and raised. Of course, many Americans of Irish descent call themselves Irish, but I avoid doing so as it annoys the people of Ireland. Of course, my ancestors were from Ireland: five of my eight great-grandparents emigrated from Ireland to the United States in the late 19th and early 20th century. The other three great-grandparents were born in the United States but are assumed to also trace their roots to Ireland.
  5. Yes, she will be called Susan of the Mountains.
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