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What on earth does Othemts mean anyway?

In January of 1993, I returned to William & Mary after spending a week skiing with friends in Vermont. On my way to the post office, I saw my friend Amy who asked me what I did over break, and I answered by pretending to ski down a set of steps. "Oh look, it's Liam of the Mountains," she exclaimed. I thought this pretty funny, so later I recorded a new greeting for my voice mail in my best barbarian voice asking callers to leave a message for "Liam, ... Liam of the Mountains!" Mind you, I changed my voicemail just about every other week in those days, and none of my greetings seemed to make much of an impression, but this one somehow did and soon all my friends were calling me Liam of the Mountains. I even took to writing my name as Liam O' the Mts. Later, when I first discovered the World Wide Web and all the things for which I would need a username or a handle, I just compressed that and dropped the apostrophe and voila!: Othemts. Thus it has become my online persona and appropriate for the name of my first web page. Whether it is appropriate for someone who's lived most of his life in rather flat places (although thankfully I now live halfway up a somewhat steep hill) and who does not have the rugged machismo to live up to such a name remains to be seen.
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