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I am recently completed a program in ibrary and Information Science at Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science amd received my Master of Science in Library and Information Science. I studied librarianship with a concentration in Archives Management. The courses I completed are in the chart below. If you are a current or prospective student with questions regarding my experiences in these courses, please contact me at liammail@verizon.net.

Course #
Course Title
LIS 438
Introduction to Archival Methods and Services
Jeannette Bastian
Fall 2002
LIS 440
Administration of Archives and Manuscript Collections
Jeannette Bastian
Spring 2003
LIS 520 T
Establishing Archives and Manuscript Programs
Jeannette Bastian
Spring 2003
LIS 407
Reference/Information Services
Susan Shoemaker
Summer 2003
LIS 415
Organization of Knowledge in Libraries
Candy Schwartz
Fall 2003
LIS 403
Library and Information Science: The Role of Research
Gerald Benoit
Spring 2004
LIS 439
Preservation Management for Libraries and Archives
Patricia Oyler
Spring 2004
LIS 520 W
Appraisal of Archives and Manuscripts
Jeannette Bastian
Summer 2004
LIS 520 R
Information Services and the World Wide Web
See also: My LIS 520 R Course Page
Candy Schwartz
Summer 2004
LIS 408

User Instruction

Final Project: Baker Library Online Tutorial

Susan Shoemaker
Fall 2004
LIS 520 Z
Map Librarianship
Patrick McGlamery
Fall 2004
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