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We thanks you for celebrating our wedding with us whether you were there in person or in spirit. Our wedding and our marriage would not be possible without the love, kindness, and patience you have shown us through the years. Thank you for your advice, your frienship, your support. Thank you for making the special effort to commemorate our wedding in some special way. Thank you for singing like angels. Thank you for keeping your arms raised in blessing even when you really wanted to put them down. We are truly blessed in our family, friends, co-workers, and church community. Your participation made our wedding day one to remember for the rest of our lives.

Below our the people who worked hard to make the wedding liturgy go smoothly and made it exceed our wishes. We've added photos so now you can match faces to names.

Wedding Party


Rev. John Ardis, CSP - Director of the Paulist Center. Achieved fame by offering the Benediction at the 2004 Democratic National Convention as balloons fell on the lectern. Also responsible for the cleanest sidewalk in Christendom after snowfalls. A fellow Michigander, John Ardis has been extremely helpful during our dispensation process. He also preaches a good homily.


Ruth Lacefield - Mother of the bride. AKA Rutabega. Ruth Fleischmann won a twisting contest in 1961 -- years before she beat Charles Lacefield at a game of pinochle and won a date to a jazz bar. The rest is history. Susan still calls her mom at least once a week ... and the rest of the time, she calls her "Root."

Charles Lacefield - Father of the bride. Susan's dad is a good model for instilling self-confidence ("Ohsie Chuckie-Babes, did you mow the lawn all by yourself?") and a disciplined work ethic. Susan's dad has always been willing to help her out of a jam -- whether it's been assignments to clean out the gutters, detention for not getting her journal de classe signed, or her taxes. If he doesn't make it to the wedding, it's because he's too busy doting on Liam's former cat, Otto, who is now the center of his existence.

Elaine Brennan Carlton - Mother of the groom. AKA Micki. Liam's mom was a heroic single mother when he was growing up and instilled in Liam the values of respecting all people equally. Elaine was always the cool mom to talk with at high school parties and is often the life of the party, so make sure to chat with her at the reception.

Thomas Sullivan - Father of the groom. Passed away in 1991 after several years of suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

Wayne Carlton - Step-father of the groom. Wayne has the best dogs in James City County and a big heart.

Bride's Honor Attendants

James Lacefield - Brother of the bride and Man of Honor. Jim was Susan's earliest and -- without a doubt -- best teacher. It is because of Jim that Susan can identify all the helmets of all the teams in the NFL, knows how to add, and knows that scattering is a problem with ultrasonic images. Jim inspired Susan to be a writer (with the story he wrote in sixth grade about a detective that turns into a werewolf). Jim is gifted at giving good advice, and Susan misses living close to him. He is escorted by Amy Ouellette Lacefield, the coolest sistah-in-law ever. She makes a mean pesto and knits a mean scarf. Friend of farmers and cats all.

Krista Crider - Krista lived with Susan for three years in the messiest room in William and Mary and for that she deserves some sort of medal of honor. Krista has this amazing talent for summarizing one's life in ten words or less. For the past 13 years, she has challenged us to think and to express ourselves. She also makes a neat "eep" sound if you poke her without warning.

Maia Curtis - Maia asks the big questions and that is why we love Maia. But she is not above playing a round of Tetris or two.

Lauren Hewitt - Do not make Lauren go to a Dairy Queen; it will bring about the end of the world. Trust us on this. Lauren and Susan have laughed a lot and been on many adventures together. She has also been tear gassed!

Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso - Betsy is the type of person who could entertain you for hours by making up amusing stories about fellow customers in a 24-hour diner as you eat dinner backwards starting with the most important element: pie. She also has the most wonderful laugh ever. We especially like it when Betsy laughs so hard that she needs to sit down on the curb to catch her breath. She used to wear orange Chuck Taylors. We wish that she still did so.

Craig Smith - Also known as "Schlitz Boy," Craig is a talented musician who made his performance debut in Davis Square on Susan's 29th birthday. He's working on writing the "Ballad of Whitey Bulger." Craig is good at getting people together over a few pints of beer and a game of dominoes.

Groom's Honor Attendants

Barbara Sullivan Coates - Sister of the groom and Best Woman. Liam's best friend, hero, and second mother growing up, Barbara is returning the favor after Liam served as Man of Honor at her wedding. Liam and Barbara once tried to sail out to sea in an inflatable boat off the coast of Martha's Vineyard, but they will take the ferry to the reception. Barbara will be escorted by the best brother-in-law ever, Woody Coates. Woody will be keeping one eye on the weather for the wedding day and the other on his son Cassidy.

Camille Andrews - Susan and Liam's #1 favorite person to go out with for a night of dancing, as well as for fun weekends in places like Montreal and Ithaca. Camille can always be counted on to bring a lot of food to a picnic. Liam met Camille in folk dance class at William & Mary, and they were reaquainted when they both lived in the Boston area.

Sara Cole - Liam met Sara when she was an honorary housemate during his post-college days in Williamsburg. Later, Sara adopted and lovingly cared for one of Liam's cats, Bertrius. Sara is a great person for mind-expanding conversation over a game of Scrabble or hearts. Sara was unable to attend the wedding but served her groomsmaid duties in absentia.

Anthony De La Puente - Anthony and Liam have worked together at Baker Library since 2000, relaxing after many a stressful days' work over a pint at Grendels. Last summer, Anthony and Liam toured England together visiting historic pubs in Cambridge, Oxford, and London. Anthony is serving as fashion consultant to the groom for the wedding.

Mike Murphy - Mike sponsored Liam for Confirmation during Liam's freshman year at William & Mary, and they've been friends ever since. Mike is a great person to talk with about baseball, wine, Star Wars, and wedding planning. Mike and his wife Geneve are going above and beyond the call of duty in helping Liam and Susan plan the wedding, so make sure to give them a pat on the back when you see them.

Kim Rowe - Co-workers at Baker Library, Liam & Kim have shared the same office since Liam joined the Interlibrary Loan department in 2002. They've been friends since Liam's first week at Baker when Kim invited him to her birthday party. Kim generously and frequently welcomes Liam & Susan into her home for dinner and watching Spongebob Squarepants.

Youth Honor Attendants

Cassidy Coates - Liam's nephew knows a lot about dinosaurs, admires the work ethic of Bob the Builder, and is a talented singer.

Abby Rowe - Susan and Liam have been buddies with Abby since babysitting for her when she was 3-years-old. Abby is a groovy girl whose fashion sense will outshine everyone else at the wedding. And she's wicked smaht, too!

Hospitality Ministers

Lisa Lynn- With the great big grin, Lisa is the subject of an imaginary sitcom created by Susan and Liam. In real life, Lisa is a friend from the early Oughts in Boston, now attending graduate school in New York City.

Mike Groenert - Mike is the type of guy you would want on your side in a cross-country trekking expedition, in a scientific laboratory, or in a barroom brawl. Mike and his wife Annie both attended William & Mary but didn't get to know Susan and Liam until all four of them lived in the Boston area. Later, they hosted Liam and Susan for a fun-filled week in Munich.

Annie Schoen - Annie is the artistic ying to Mike's scientific yang. Her artwork is the only thing adorning the walls of Susan's bedroom. She is also designing the invitations for the wedding. Thank you Annie!


Kay Lunt- Susan's Aunt Kay is one of the coolest people she knows. She gives the best gifts, tells the worst puns, and can solve any problem with a bucket and a piece of rope.

Ted Lunt - Any problem can be solved by forming the human chain according to Susan's Uncle Ted. One day in 1983, Ted came home from work as an accountant and announced that he was quitting his job to open a chain of pirate-themed miniature golf courses. How cool is that?

Tyler Faloon - Tyler would prefer that Liam and Susan be married in Las Vegas by a Klingon but is willing to come to Boston since it is home to a Marche Movenpick. Tyler also fries a mean omelet.

John Radda - Friends with Liam and Susan since their wild college days at William & Mary. John is great for coming up with plans and sometimes even puts those plans into effect.


Charles Lacefield - In lieu of a homily and Powerpoint slideshow, Susan's father will read from the Old Testament.

Elaine Brennan Carlton - Liam's mother will read from the New Testament.

Betsy Rosso - General Intercessions. Betsy is one of the most charitable people we know, and it is appropriate that she will help read the General Intercessions.

Jennifer Wilburt - General Intercessions. Liam met Jennifer on a retreat for Catholic college students in Virginia in 1992, and they have been friends ever since. Jennifer has the ways and means to reserve an entire movie theater for Liam on his birthday and to introduce him to Bruce Hornsby. She still hasn't been able to get Liam to sing karaoke though.

Music Ministry

Tim Westerhaus - The very talented and enthusiastic Pastoral Minister of Liturgy and Music at the Paulist Center. Tim once ate three boxes of Girl Scout cookies in one day.

Claire McCarthy - A regular member of the music ministry at the 6 o'clock Saturday mass, Claire is a small woman with a large voice. She also plays the oboe.

Keith Babuszczak - One of Susan's fellow sacristans in the 6 o'clock Sunday rotation, Keith adds a deep voice to the choir.

Barbara Bell- After an impressive performance of singing at her own wedding we are pleased that Barb will add her vocal talents to our wedding ensemble. Barb recently completed a grueling doctoral program and relaxes by working with beads and sea turtles.

Joan Brady - Not in your programs because Joan volunteered her voice to the choir the morning of the wedding (because Liam the ninny forgot to invite her to sing ahead of time). Liam's cousin lives in New York City where she sings regularly at her church.

Carrie Glasby - A friend of Liam's from William & Mary and one of three human housemates (along with three cats) in a post-college apartment in Williamsburg. Carrie is the cutest person Liam and Susan know (at least she was until recently usurped by her son Timmy).

Kathleen Karhnak - Liam's best friend at William & Mary and another of the housemates. Kathleen and Carrie were married in a Friends Meeting in 2002, and Susan and Liam can only hope that their own wedding is half as beautiful and moving.

Katie Lawson- Susan first found out about Katie's lovely singing voice while she was living in a crazy basement with her and three other impecunious college students in the summer of 1995. Katie once performed a solo concert for Susan and the other roommates at the Kidsburg playground in Williamsburg.

Marc Lawson - Katie's charming husband is a high school music director in North Carolina. He is very fond of chocolate and bookstores and does a lovely rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

Julie Zigo - A regular floutist at the Paulist Center, Julie adds flute to the wedding music ministry.


Meghan Davis - The third of Liam's post-college housemates, Meghan is the proud owner of a polydactyl cat. A veterinarian by profession (ask her about surfing cows) Meghan is also counts writing and photography among her many talents.

Kevin Jones - Susan's housemate in Charlottesville when she attended graduate school, Kevin now lives in Arizona where he is a geologist with many advanced degrees. Kevin likes to visit Susan and Liam and watch baseball on the radio. Kevin is a maestro behind the lens of a camera.

Andrea Turtle - Andrea once worked with Susan and now sort of works near Liam. She's sharp with a camera and an ace at cracking eggs on Easter.

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