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Guests have three options available to them for lodging in Boston:

  1. Boston Marriott Cambridge - This lovely hotel is located in the Kendall Square neighborhood of Cambridge just across the river from Boston and is only two stops away from the Paulist Center on the MBTA Red Line. The group rate of $159/night is available to all guests on September 16th and September 17th. Call 1-800-228-9290 or 1-617-494-6600 to reserve and mention the Lacefield/Sullivan wedding party.
  2. Thompson Island - We are very excited for the opportunity to invite all of our wedding guests to stay overnight on Thompson Island with us the night after our wedding, in effect extending the reception into the wee hours of the morning. While the building is dormitory in style, we've reserved the entire facility for the night so each family / couple will have their own rooms. There is also a lounge room where we all can gather together to eat, drink, listen to music, play cards, and chat. Blankets, sheets, and towels will be provided. On Sunday morning, we'll be the first people in Boston to see the sun rise over the harbor. At a rate of $50 per person, including supper, breakfast, and a ferry ride back to the mainland, this is one of the best values around in Boston, and it will be a whole lot of fun as well. There are two ferry departure times: 8:30 am and 11:30 am. The ferry will dock at Black Falcon Cruise Ship Terminal in South Boston, and onward transportaion will be available from there. Contact Mike Murphy and Geneve Allison at g.plus.m@mac.com for more information and to reserve a room.
  3. Houseguests - Some of our local friends in the Boston area are generously offering to share their guest bedrooms, sofa beds, and futons with out-of-town guests. If you are interested in this option please contact Mike Murphy and Geneve Allison at g.plus.m@mac.com for more information.

We looked at several hotels while planning for the wedding, so we've gained a pretty good sense of the value, convenience and quality of Boston area hotels. If none of the three options above are suitable, please feel free to contact us to discuss alternative options.

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