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Brain and brain, what is brain?!?!?!

In a particularly wretched episode of Star Trek, a race of Amazon women surgically remove and steal Spock's brain (I told you it was bad). Near the end of the episode, Dr. McCoy needs to reinstall Spock's brain in his head, and gets the knowledge to do so by standing under a giant, magical hair-dryer thing. A look of awe comes across McCoy's face and he utters "A child could do it!" McCoy sucessfully returns Spock's brain to its rightful place, but as he leaves the Hairdryer of Knowledge behind, he is unable to remember how he did it.

Taking a course with Candy Schwartz is analagous to this Star Trek episode. While in class listening to Candy lecture everything seems lucid, and anything is possible - a child could do it! Later, when working on the assignments, not only do I feel like McCoy, amazed that I once thought I could do such things, I sometimes feel like I'm Spock without a brain.

Anyhow, brain or no brain, here are my assignments for LIS 520 R:

Assignment #1 - 2 July 2004

Assignment #2 - 9 July 2004

Assignment #3 - 16 July 2004 (opens using Word)

Project - 23 July 2004

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