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Susan & Liam's Wedding

17 September 2005

Boston, MA

Susan Lacefield and Liam Sullivan, friends since meeting at The College of William & Mary in 1994 and house mates in Somerville, MA since 1999, are getting married! We feel blessed to have all our friends and family coming together in one place and hope to spend a lot of time with each and every one of you. We wish to do our utmost to make sure you have an enjoyable time as well. This website should give you a good source of information about the event.

Latest news and updates about the wedding!

What you will find on this website:

  • Ceremony - The most important part: Information about the wedding itself.
  • Reception - Details of our reception on Thompson Island.
  • Lodging - Where to stay while you're in Boston.
  • Transportation - Tips on how to get to Boston, the best ways to get around in Boston, and directions to the wedding events.
  • Calendar of Events - A day-by-day summary of what's happening throughout the wedding weekend.
  • Boston - Our wedding is taking place in the beautiful city of Boston, Massachusetts. We hope you'll take the opportunity to explore our fair city. This page contains tips of what to do while you're here.
  • Wedding FAQ - Questions people are asking about the wedding.

This website will be updated regularly as we get new information. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, Liam: liammail@verizon.net and Susan: sklacefield@hotmail.com. Thanks for stopping by, and we're looking forward to seeing you on September 17th.

Peace & love,

Susan & Liam

News and Updates

July 23, 2005 - Invitations sent today, so check your mailbox in the coming days! Please return the reply card by August 20th.

July 21, 2005 - Now available: Printable directions to wedding locations in pdf format (requires Adobe Acrobat to open).

July 17, 2005 - Updates to Transportation and Calendar of Events pages

June 16, 2005 - Wedding FAQ and registry information updated.

May 22, 2005 - A new Frequently Asked Questions pages was added to the wedding web site.

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